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Hello and welcome to the Brumby!

I'm Alissa Marie and I live the vibrant city of London, England, with my boyfriend JB.
JB and I are old souls. We like nothing more than early nights, walks in the park, and we would never say no to a slice of pizza or ten! JB makes an insane sausage casserole, is a domestic god and gives the best hugs in the world. I am overly enthusiastic about everything, love a good crime thriller and can make a killer roast dinner.
On tB, I share the little moments and joys that make our life together so wonderful. Its nothing out of the ordinary, but to me that is what makes it extraordinary.  It's also a place to share top tips on life's challenges, learning, beauty, style, and to appreciate the good things in life. Here you’ll find stories and photos from my day to day life, food we are currently enjoying, fun filled days out with friends, and  the things making me happiest each week. I really, really hope you like it here and I hope to meet and chat with some of you soon. 😊
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