Sunday, 4 September 2016

5 Top tips for getting through Monday morning

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A number of articles suggest that Tuesday is the worst day of the week – but why does dragging yourself out of bed and in to work seem that much harder on a Monday? With rain forecast for tomorrow’s weather, get reading my top tips below for a much better wake up.

11) Don’t turn that alarm off. As much as you want secretly tell yourself, having an extra 5, 10, 20 minutes will not help you rise and face the world. Instead roll of bed and get yourself into the shower – this will wake you up and help you feel fresher and in a better place to start the day. (Warning: take the shower too warm and you may find vertical napping a new problem.)

22) Use good products. In the shower use a good body scrub to rid your sleepy skin of the dust and cobwebs, and polish your morning skin to perfection. A good choice is the scrubs by The Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa. (Cherry and peach are our favourites!) For the face, try the range by St. Ives, which are tailored to all skin types. All it will take is 5 minutes maximum, and it will leave you more awake and feeling fresher. What’s not to scrub?

33)   Eat. As much as you’re feeling slightly… bleugh. Yes bleugh! You need to try and fuel your body for the day. The best options would be porridge with fruit and seeds thrown artistically on top, or perhaps some scrambled eggs to keep you full till lunch. But don’t have time for that? Down a glass of water, Grab some almonds, a piece of fruit, and a yoghurt to give your body the boost it needs to get you to tea time at 11am.

44)    Walk this way. Sitting snuggled between two burly commuters or propped up against the window for a nap is dangerous of knocking you off of your high and making you late for work. Instead try and get the blood flowing and get off of the train or bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Come rain or shine it will do your body good and help you to focus on the day ahead. Problem solved.

55)    Keep hydrated. Throughout all of this, you need to be keeping your intake of water high. Without it, our bodies very quickly go into hibernation mode and it can cause tiredness, headaches and can cause you to eat more in order to keep your strength up. That’s a one way ticket to weight gain – and no lady actively wants that!

I hope you found some of my top tips helpful. Do you have any that you can share with me?

With that in mind, I think I’m gona go prepare my food for tomorrow, get out my clothes ready and get a good old early night!

Enjoy your weeks guys!

Much Love,

Alissa Marie

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