Monday, 29 August 2016

Happy Days: Mega Nyx Haul

Okay so you know I said I'm trying to save?! Well that all went completely out of the window yesterday when I stumbled across an almost deserted boots, where I didn't have to bob, weave and dive around the Nyx counter. It really gave me an opportunity to have a proper rummage through and to try out a number of their products at my leisure. The result? I couldn't help buying way too much! So let me share the bits I have pick up along with a review of the bits I've already tried this bank holiday

For your face...

Nyx Shine Killer - matte primer
I have tried a fair few matte primers in my time as I'm a person who does tend to get a little shiny as the day wears on. So I picked up this matte primer without expecting too much. However the clear, velvet like serum that I smoothed across the back of my hand really did seem to effortlessly matteify my skin but also seemed to help brighten it. Which is odd because the primer does not claim to brighten skin, nor does it have any shimmery pigments to it. But so far, I'm impressed. And retailing in at £xxx I thought I should give this one a go! Let me know if you've already tried this, and share your top recommendations for any others you think I'd like. 

Nyx's Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray
I have never used a setting spray... (pause for all of your horrified gasps). I don't know if they work or if they are worth the investment, but i thought I would give it a go. If these turn out to be any good, I will re-update this blog post to tell you. Wish me luck!

For your eyes...

Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil Crayon
Now I'm not a huge one for eye shadow, and only use various nude and brown shades when I do. But I saw these crayon like shadows and just had to give them a go as when testing them on the back of my hand they were highly pigmented, really good creamy colours and defiantly stayed put even as I was trying to scrub them off with a tissues. Therefore to go with my blonde hair and blue eyes, I stuck to very natural and earthy tones. I also wanted shades that I could easily blend together to create a cool and effortlessly easy smokey eye.

The colours I bought were
617 Iced Mocha - Is the shade in the back of the photo, a darker smokey eye type shade.
625 Sparkle Nude - is the shade in the foreground of the photo below, perfect as a day time colour or base to use with the darker shade for a night out brown smokey eye.

Again I have not yet tried them on my lids yet, but on my hand they went on really easily, blended well and then stayed put during the rest of my shopping trip!

Nyx's small felt eye liner
I normally use liquid liner from Rimmel, but thought I would try this style of liner out to see if I could finally master a cat flick due to it pointed end and felt tip like quality. Not sure how easy it will be to master, so any helpful hints - please all throw them my way. However from trying this on the back of my hand it is highly pigmented, extremely black and will hopefully make my eyes - POP!

Nyx's Big and Loud Lash primer
I have only ever used a lash type primer once before and that was with the duel ended L'oreal mascara which was a hit back in like 2004, before we even properly knew about primers. So I cautiously picked up this little product and turned it over several times , reading the label back to front to try to work out whether this is something that my make up bag desperately needs! Again i am yet to use it but wanted to share my purchases with you all. I shall update you as soon as i have used it.

For your lips

Soft Matte Lip Creme and Long Wear Lip Liner
Okay so these are things I have already tried and I can tell you they are brilliant! Nyx's soft Matte Lip Cream and Nyx long wear lip liner. They are both highly pigmented, non-drying, come in a range of great colours and really do stay put for hours even if you've been eating or drinking. The last time I went on a day outing with my friends, I applied the lip liner as a lipstick at around 7.00am and didn't need to reapply till around 3.00/4.00pm! 

The colour I already had in my make up bag was Milan - SMLC11 a gorgrous summer pink. That is bright, cheerful and looks great on every skin tone. The others I bought in this haul are;

Madrid - SMLC27 - It looks like a brown colour from the outside of the tube, but it actually comes out as a very nice burnt red. I plan on wearing this on a night out for drinks after work to take my outfit from day to night.

Copenhagen - SMLC20 - It is a rich purple type colour. It will be fabulous for those long, dark winter months that i am dreading so much. But this this lip colour... i know i can get through it.

Istanbul - SMLC06 - This is a lighter shade than my Milan one, and therefore a little more natural. It is more of a baby pink colour and therefore will be my go to work colour. Subtle enough for work, but still absolutely gorgeous. 

As well as these, I also bought a giant crayon in pillar box red for my lips. This is an essential for any make up bag. I recently lost my Rimmel lipstick on a night out and so thought i would give this a go. After having tried it out on my lips - it looks fantastic!! I love it already!!!

Istanbul - SMLC06

Madrid - SMLC27

Copenhagen - SMLC20
Nude Shoes Lip Liner -  SLLP14
Finally my brows...

Nyx's Tinted Brow Mascara and Nyx's Sculpt and Highlight Brow Contour
I bought these two to complement each other, a blonde pencil to fill in my brows and give them a solid and defined shape and a mascara to set them in place and take them up a notch. I plan on using these before work tomorrow, so will update you on how they look!

I promise to update you guys on which products I love the most. In the meantime - get in touch with me to let me know your favourite pieces and lets share top tips too!

Much Love and Happy Bank Holiday!

Alissa Marie

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