Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Happy Edit: JB

Okay okay, mega mushy I know. But this week, I felt compelled to give a shout out to my best friend and boyfriend JB, for being so wonderful this week whilst I have been very poorly. I can tell you I really, really appreciated it! 

Therefore to show my appreciation, I decided that JB should be the feature of my Happy Edit this week. A big and very public thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for carefully looking after me this week, when I was full of cold, germs and lots of unsightly green stuff! Because when you are that ill, you really appreciate someone taking care of you and the chores you need to get done allowing you to fully rest and recuperate.

So whilst I was tucked up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. My hero JB went out and did the shopping, did two loads of washing and hung it all up, and then made me endless cups of tea and lemsip before bringing me in a home-made bacon sarnie. I think this ones a keeper girls! 

As if I needed any more reasons to feel grateful and lucky to have him, check out what he bought for me in the food shop?!

This was all for me.... 
He came back with three magazines for me to have a flick through, two bags of Terry's chocolate orange minis, orange juice, blueberries, pizza and chicken soup. As he very kindly put it, "we all need looking after when we are ill, so let me look after you."

So this week my big shout out goes to my partner in crime JB. Thank you for all you do, the kindness and care you show me always (but particularly this week!), I love you very much and I feel like a very lucky lady to have you.

Being on the receiving end of such love and care, has also made me realise how such small things can really go a long way. How grateful would your mum be, if you stuck on a load of washing for her? It would take all of 5 minutes but I bet would really make a difference to her day. Your colleague at work, or friend at school... do they look a little run down or tired? Can you bring them in a piece of that cake you had at the weekend, or even pick them up a little smoothie on your way in? Small things really do go a long way, and I just know that many of you will have experienced these little acts of kindness.

If you can do anything for your week ahead, set it up well and be inspired by JB. Do something completely selfless for someone else. Doesn't need to be big, but if every single person on this planet went forth with that mindset, the world would truly be a better place.

Go out and spread the love wherever you are today!

Alissa Marie 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Make Every Day Count

To the geographical gurus out there, I am pretty sure this is not what you had in mind. But since I heard the saying, ‘Make Every Day Count’ I have struggled to get it out of my head. Also (when I remember), I now try make the effort to live my life making every single day count.
Okay, so I’m not perfect and I often forget to really do this especially when having a bad day! But that glowing feeling of achievement when you have made the most of your day is something that really drives me, motivates me, and I know will personally bring me contentment. I can hear what you’re thinking,
‘How can I make every day count and quite frankly why would I want to?!’
Well for me, I am a young-ish woman living and working in London. I still have so much to learn, so much to experience, and I am still yet to decide what I want to do with my life. To me, MEDC means that every day we do something that makes us happy, we try to help or look out for others, work hard, try new things – basically live life to the full and have a great time doing it. As we only live once – why not live it to the full!
What do you need to do to start living a MEDC life?
Well first things first, all of us (including me!), need to be reminded of this mantra in order to fully embrace it!

  • For the house proud amongst us, why not print this on to card and frame it. Hang it at eye level in a place you’ll see it, perhaps just above your chest of drawers and incorporate other lamps and accessories to really make it look put together! (I am so doing this…. I will post some pictures for you guys to see!)
  • Try writing it down on the inside of your notebook at work. So when you flick through it you are reminded of it.
  • Try creating a colourful background for your phone using the words MEDC. No one else will understand what it’s for and you will be able to take the message forth without feeling too preachy!

Next it’s important to identify how you can make every day count. Is this by pushing yourself at work, taking risks and asking the cute guy out from IT, or making time to do an activity you love? Every single one of us will have a passion for something… what’s yours?
I love spending time with those who matter most, writing, reading, buying gifts and cooking! Therefore I make a little time every week to incorporate some of these things into my life to really make every single day that I have on this planet count.
As I have already mentioned, I don’t always manage to MEDC. Nor do I remember every single day to take time for myself, chill out and relax as other things just get in the way. The point of this is to try and be more conscious of it, not to hold yourself to it. So give yourself a break,  and try to be more MEDC to improve your lifestyle, wellbeing and happiness. If it doesn’t work for you – don’t worry! They’ll always be something new you can try! Just don’t give up!
How do you guys Make Every Day Count? – Tell me in the comments below!
Alissa Marie

Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Happy Edit: This weeks top 3

This week has gone so quickly for me - I feel like I haven't had time to breathe. But I made sure I had enough time to sit down and reflect upon my week. Although it was fairly manic, the week turned out to be a fairly productive one. Below are the things that I have been loving this week, and have been particulalry inspired by.
Number 1: New Look's Autumn/ Winter Bomber Jacket
How beautiful is this bomber jacket?! After seeing this on New Look's Instagram account, I have halted all spending on one for this summer and am eagerly awaiting this to launch later in the year. The black general colour of the jacket is much more my style, and can be worn with anything. Coupled with the embroidered birds and 'Amore' script  across the back. This had to be on this weeks love list!
Number 2: Talent - ENB Emerging dancer of the year  2016This week my friend and I went to see English National Ballet's emerging dancer of the year awards at the London Palladium. It was incredible to watch 6 highly talented dancers performing pas de deux (duets), and contemporary solo's to hundreds of spectators. All of them were incredible, and they showed discipline, passion and real talent for their craft. The evening was won by Cesar Corrales (our personal favourite), but we couldn't help applaud the others as they were all such atheletes and performers. However we both  left that evening feeling that we needed to get back to the gym fast. Check out their lean dancer bodies below - I have gotta get me one of those!

Photo: © Laurent Liotardo | Post-production: Nik Pate

Number 2: Long summer evenings
Isn't it amazing that the evenings seem to be much longer now?! Although the clocks went back a while ago, I'm only now just appreciating how much extra time I have! Which this week has been a saving grace, as I seem to have been running around like crazy! But this week I feel that I have achieved more and enjoyed more because of the extra sunshine hours, and I don't feel groggy and almost hungover when I wake up which happens in the dark winter months. On Wednesday, JB and I went for a walk round our local park  to try and get some fresh air, and it really was lovely. The blossom was out and it was a nice way to walk off our dinner. Plus It also helped me feel less guilty about the chocolate bar I grabbed on my way back home! Ooops!
How Lucky am I?!
 This week I felt that I only needed to list my top three. (That jacket from New Look could have filled all of my weeks top three on its own its so pretty!) What have you guys been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Sunday everyone.
Alissa Marie


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fashion Edit: Brunch with the girls

Brunch with the girls

Brunch with the girls by thebrumby featuring a girls outfit

Who doesn't love going out for brunch with the girls?! But who always finds that no matter how full their wardrobe that they have nothing to wear! 

Enter Polyvore! Polyvore is a Californian website and app, that allows users to discover and curate their own fashion, beauty and home sets. (Like my one above!) I warn you - it becomes pretty addictive, however its fantastic for sharing style, outfit ensembles and getting general inspiration!

I will be sharing my favourite bits and pieces from high end designers to my favourite high street outlets. I'd love you guys to follow me so that we can share style tips and other beauty and home ware pieces.The best bit? You don't need to then go on to actually buy all of this stuff! pick and choose what you want, and the rest is simply inspiration!

Miss Selfridge halter neck top

I love the neckline of this top. Although it seems pretty simple and plain. Black is chic and effortless and the string across the front, accompanied by the halter neck really makes it interesting and a little flirty. 

Fendi multicolor skirt
£220 -

Okay - so I may never actually be able to afford this skirt! But look at it! Its BEAutiful! the wrap across accompanied by the different colour fabric will really make the black top above pop! If anyone finds a skirt like this in the high street - Tap me up! I want it!

Gianvito Rossi tie sandals
£375 -

Again these shoes are very pricey, but they went with this look so well and have the most gorgeous shape due to the flowing lines of the straps. I have definitely seen lookalikes for these in New Look and Miss Selfridge - be sure to check them out!

Whistles mini shoulder bag

Little bucket bags like this are really in this season, and add a bit of fringing and I think we have a winner!

NOVICA button jewelry
£14 -

So cute and yet so affordable! These little cat earrings will add a little quirky and cute touch to quite a chic and grown up outfit - so have some fun and give these a go!

Round lens glasses
£9.51 -

And last but not least, coming in under £10 is the round lens glasses from popmap. These little guys will be a staple this summer and so you really can't go wrong with purchasing something like this to take you from festival to poolside.

I hope you enjoyed this little edit ladies - be sure to follow me on Polyvore @ theBrumby and i look forward to sharing style tips soon. If you have any particular requests for outfits, let me know in the comments below!

Have a stylish day!

Alissa Marie 


Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Happy Edit: This weeks top 4

The Happy Edit encapsulates the things that I love and am grateful for each and every week. Too often do we go through life not appreciating the world around us, and the people who make our lives worth living. I have made a promise to myself to make a list of the little things in life, that make me feel good inside and out. I hope you will join me, and I look forward to hearing what makes you happy too!

Number 1: buying gifts! 
I can be a little over the top when it comes to buying gifts for family and friends. All right! I can be way over the top! I just love surprising people with something special and thoughtful that really makes their day! This week it was my wonderful sisters birthday. Want a sneak peak of what I got her?! The only issue? I wanted it all for myself!!

 Number 2: Hard work paying off
This week I have had some amazing news at work. A project that I have been working on for the past year was a success, and all of the hard work I put in will make a huge difference to the organisation for not one…not two…not even three… but four years! Friday was filled with high fives, glasses of prosecco and emails from senior staff to my line manager saying I was an asset to the team. It’s been the best! But underneath all of that was sheer determination, late nights and lots of hard work. So I felt that I really deserved it and am really proud of myself! *Pat on back

Number 3: Feeling appreciated
One of my friends bought me a little package of goodies just to say “Thanks – you’ve been a great friend recently.” It was such a lovely thought, and who doesn't like receiving nice things! You also don't need to spend a bomb to tell people you appreciate them. A little card or even a nice text go a really long way. Try it! Make someone's week and show them that you really appreciate them!

Number 4: Catching up with good friends
We all have those friends that we've not seen in a while, and we feel guilty every time their name appears on our mobile asking - 'when are we next catching up?!' I know we are all busy, but this week I really enjoyed catching up with my really good friends B&S for dinner. As she's a lover of Nando's, I decided to do my own 'posher' (apologies!) version all home cooked. The food was fab - but the company was even better! Go on! Get in touch with a few of your friends that you've not seen in a while. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. 

These are just a few little things that have made my week a wonderful one. I understand that not all weeks are the best, but I am positive that we can all find one thing that we are happy or grateful for even in dark times. 

What has made you happy this week? 


Alissa Marie 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Let me introduce myself...

Hi there and welcome to the Brumby!

Thanks for finding your way here and for taking a quick look around. So its probably best that I introduce myself and also to manage your expectations are much as possible.

First thing's first: I am Alissa Marie.
Short stuff, London dweller, party planner, yoga enthusiast and general optimist.
I am not a professional blogger (to prove it – see any posts for my appalling grammar). Nor am I in any way a qualified lifestyle coach, counsellor, stylist or beauty expert. However I do enjoy good food, a good old shopping spree here and there, and I love spending time with  my family and friends. This little space on the net, is a place for me to share what matters to me, what gets me up in the morning and why I will continue to try my best each and every day. It’s a place I want to share what makes me happy, how I combat those ‘down in the dump days’ and essentially how important it is for us all to be who we are and to love ourselves for it!

So please join me as I live my life to the full each and every day, talking about the inspiring people and things I see on my journey. I also want to hear from you too, as I’d like the Brumby (or tB as you will often hear me call it), to be a collaborative effort. So if you have a knack for reviewing beauty products or have some top tips you’ve love to share, please do get in touch!

Accompanying me on my adventures is my very supportive and brilliant boyfriend, JB. Like me, JB loves nothing more than a cosy night in, and any food substance covered in grated cheese. He is my biggest fan, my greatest support and puts up with my many mad moments and chocolate binges. Alongside JB is my inner circle of family and friends, who are allowing me to capture our moments together and share them with you lovely people. I am eternally grateful to them for all that they do.
Me and JB at the Tower of London

All I ask of you guys is that you enjoy reading my blog, get involved where you’d like to, and always, always support everyone in the tB community. Life’s too short as it is – let’s not waste it being nasty, ugly people.

Great! So that about sums it up for now, I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and more importantly connecting with you all in the days to come.

Happy Thursday!


Alissa Marie
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